Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little Random

Morning! I was up bright and early thanks to Reveille and the coyotes that always sound off right after! Its pretty neat hearing them howl so early in the morning and its always right after Reveille finishes. Its a pretty unique way to wake up and start the day! Wouldn't change it for anything!

I've been pretty busy lately! Its been a lot of fun! Last Friday, Chris and I went for a bike ride up to Ophir. It was a mining town back in the day. I'd say its a ghost town, but there are some lucky SOB's living up there! I say that out of jealousy! Lol! Ophir is absolutely beautiful! There are still railroad tracks for the little mining carts up on the sides of the hills and parts of machinery laying around.

2200hrs.....Totally Random...

I didn't get to upload the photos I wanted because I have scatterbrain syndrome.

So taps just played....I know...an hour early....most of the post is made up of civilians and they complained enough about Taps waking up their children at night that they bumped it up an hour, so that it wasn't ruining anyone's beauty sleep! I love hearing it and I know the meaning behind it and its never bothered me.

The coyotes like to howl afterwards....pretty neat.

We had another game tonight. We won by one point at the last possible minute! It was a lot of fun. We had plans for a few friends to come over a few hours before the game started, but Chris went and helped a soldier move and he didn't get home til later. We still had burgers, but we were really pressed for time and nobody likes running around on a full stomach.

I made this card for a friend who was going to a baby shower. Word got around that I was pretty crafty so she asked if I could customize a baby book that she bought at WalMart.....you know those Winnie the Pooh baby books. I went through it and put personal touches on it and made this card. I can always whip up something cute for other people, but when it come to do stuff for myself, I sit there almost dumbfounded. Lol!

Today was a pretty warm day! I think it got into the 90's. I was sweating like a pig at the game! Me no likey! Lol! But it could be worse.....like Columbia, SC worse!!! (Hot, humid and disgusting!)

I've been reading up a lot about html and revamping this boring ol' blog. I am gonna try to do my own header and all that good stuff! I have so many photos that I want to post, but I always get sidetracked and I still need to get my friends photos done! So tomarrow, I'm definitely gonna try to do that. I realized that after I posted those pics on my photography blog.....in one of them, I edited them way too much and she looks like she's had tons of plastic surgery and her hubby's eyes are so freaky! Lol! Hey, I'm learning! Lol!

Alrighty, I'm way tired and I gotta shower!!! Have a good night!


p.s........new signature coming soon.....as soon as I figure out how to do that!!! ;)

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Sandy and Randy said...

I love the card! It's awesome. I have decided to put housework off and scrap today! I haven't been creative since Randy got home and I am feeling the need. LOL Randy went back to work today. He got word while he was gone that an E5 had replaced him at the clinic. We will see what happens. We have heard conflicting stories about if he's going and where and if he's staying. We will see. I think he is hoping he gets out of there as long as it's not the TMC! LOL I will let you know what happens!