Friday, June 19, 2009

Sneek peeks of...

...Childhood bliss! These photos I took of my friends kids make me smile! Thank you for letting me borrow your kiddies! Lol!

The next road down from my street is completely vacant! No one lives in the houses on that street because they are (finished now...I think) being renovated for the influx of soldiers that we are supposed to be getting here soon! I was driving down it the other day, coming back from Sam and Chads photo shoot and it was beautiful! This part of the community is really old and the trees are huge and some of the branches hang over the street! I passed a house that had a really beautiful weeping willow! At least I think its a willow, but maybe not......maybe its just a tree thats never been trimmed!

Anyway, I immediately started dreaming of my next shoot that would take place under this tree!!
On Wednesday after the FRG meeting I asked my friend Sam if she would let me photograph her girls at this cool spot I found! Of course she agreed! I also asked our friend Amber if she'd like to come. She has an almost 2yr old daughter!

The photos here haven't been touched up yet, just watermarked, sharpened, and resized for the web. I shot in color and in B&W.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
They sure are sweethearts aren't they??!!!!!!

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Sandy and Randy said...

Those are great! My favorite is the last one, but who could resist a baby? LOL I am so glad you are making a path for yourself, you are so good with a camera it's a shame not to use your talent! Randy get's home today! Yay! He did really well at school too. It's always so fun when he comes home, Kiko goes mad crazy!! LOL Max could care less but, you know, that's Max! Ha ha