Sunday, July 26, 2009

Missing The Pups...

....which is probably why I was able to whip this layout out in a few minutes without thinking about it too much!
....which is why I'm driving down to Vegas tomarrow morning to go pick them up!

I was lazy and took the photo with my cel phone. Me thinks it wasn't such a good idea after all! It looks horrible and the cardstock is actually green and not gray!
Oh....sweetness! I miss them. I thought we were a quiet, kidless, family of four. But life without them is pretty quiet! G, is my shadow and always by my side. He's so loving and gentle. Reyna is my 3lb bag of sugar and spice! I really do enjoy my little pals. They make us laugh!

This morning, I got up and went to church. I was invited by the chaplains wife to come and see the conclusion of the Vacation Bible School activities they had over the last couple of weeks while I was gone. I sat with my friend Sam and her family and watched Chad, her hubby, play the part of a roman soldier. It was way cute how all the kids were involved! The chaplains wife asked if I would stop by the youth group meeting this friday evening and talk to the girls about scrapbooking! Of course, I obliged! I'm gathering some of my old supplies so they can use them. It should be lots of fun!
After the service, Sam and Chad invited me to go hiking with them! It was awesome to get out after two weeks of sitting on a bike! Not that I have a problem with sitting on a bike! Lol! But exercise is good! We drove out to Simpson Springs and saw about 30-40 wild mustangs around a watering hole! They were beautiful! When I got home the electricity was out! So I took a shower by candle light. It was relaxing!
Saturday, ACS treated us military wives to a morning of pampering! Mr. Reilly's wife, who is a Mary Kay consultant, volunteered to come in and treat us all to facials! It was a nice way to be welcomed home and perfect timing! Two weeks wearing a helmet and constant applying of sunscreen to the face has my pores clogged!!!
I came back home feeling prettier and more refreshed than when I left! It was nice to catch up with my friends and have girl talk!
Here's a photo of all of us looking FAB-O-LUS! Lol!
From left to right, we have the lovely miss Hazel who is retired military and married to the ACS director. Kneeling, is the generous Mrs. Laura Reilly, who came all the way out to Dugway to treat us to facials! Throwing up the peace sign is fellow Army wife, Amber! Then there's me....looking oh so tanned and fresh faced thanks to Laura! Next to me is my sweet, petite and leggy friend, Sam! She's awesome and a source of inspiration to me! She has 7 more lbs to go til she has lost 100 lbs since she had her son a year ago in September! Can't say enough good things about this chick! It was lovely getting to spend the morning chitchatting with her! Next to Sam is Colleen! She is such a sweet, soft spoken woman. She's also the one who invited me to church and to the youth group meeting to teach some scrapbooking! Can't wait!
Its been such a pleasure getting to know these people better and it makes me want to get out there even more and share some of my hobbies with whoever wants to know about them! I'm still trying to get a crop together! It would be fun!
Well, I have an early morning! Ta ta for now! Lol!

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