Monday, August 03, 2009

The last two weeks have been pretty busy! We got home on June 25th and a few days later I drove another couple hundred miles down to vegas to get my dogs! I stayed a week at my parents and drove back home last friday and got home around 11am. Later on that night, I gathered up some of my scrapbooking supplies and headed over to my friend's house. She wanted me to talk to her girl's youth group about scrapbooking. I let them have a bunch of my old patterned paper, cardstock, and old scrap magazine's. Even later in the evening, I get a call from my brother in law saying he's on his way out to Dugway. I knew he was coming with his 5min old fiance, but I totally spaced it! Lol! And I say 5min old very lovingly.....he had just proposed to her earlier that evening.

Saturday, I photographed my bro's engagement photos here on dugway, ophir, and at the SLC temple. They came out great and they look so cute together!! So needless to say, Saturday, was very draining. By the end of the day the couples smiles were getting more forced and my photos were getting blurry! hahaha!

Yesterday, I think I slept in a little. I had grand plans of waking up early, working out, and doing tons of school work. I did two hours of school work. It was tedious, but I got through it and went over to Sam's house where we loaded my car's backseat with bundles and bundles of clothes that she has shrunk out of! They are all in different sizes and in good condition! Free is good! Lol!

Sam whipped out her son's first year baby album that she scrapped the other day and it was ADORABLE! Her kids are way cute! I came home feeling the need to scrap as well and here is the finished product. Done in an evening! Which, for me, is pretty dang awesome and I sooooooo must have been in the mood! Lol!

Horrible, horrible lighting as usual.....pisses me off.

But anywho......they are pictures from a random day in June. I love them. The darkest picture is a photo of green grass, against the red fence and a blue sky with white clouds. It really is a lovely photo IRL.

I used my crusty old type writer for my strips of journaling. The flowers were cut out of a piece of Making Memories patterned paper. Specifically from the Great Escape line. I love MM's summer lines! Last year's, Passport line, was by far my favorite line ever! I was able to score the whole line from Michael's end of summer clearance. It was pretty sweet! Lol!
I used foam thicker's that came in July's Studio Calico kit, brads from MM's Chloe's closet line, and the material covered brads are from Sassafrass as is that chipboard number.

I had lots of fun working on that. I love being inspired!

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Diana said...

Wow, what a weekend. And what a Layout. It looks great.
I think I have to get back to the kitchen to start scrappin again.
Greetings from Germany