Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Engagement Photos!

This weekend, I had the honor of photographing my brother in law and his fiance's engagement photos! They are a ridiculously cute couple and I had so much fun! By the end of the day we were pretty much wore out, but totally worth it because they loved the first batch they were able to see!
Is she not gorgeous?! She seriously, just glows in all her photos! She has the most beautiful skin and skin tone! Not to mention her eyes! Lucky for Cody, he gets to stare into them for eternity. Not a bad way to spend your life! Lol!

BTW....these are proofs. Haven't done to much in the way of editing. But, its gonna be easy because Arica has such flawless skin, it already looks airbrushed. I would probably hate her if I didn't already love her! LOL!

Yep yep, they were sure fun to shoot! They will have plenty to chose from for their announcements! I just touched up a few because they started a cute "we're getting married" group on facebook and I wanted to post a few there.
I'm really happy that they trusted me enough to do the photos! Its great practice and I learn something new everytime I photograph people like this!
On a totally different note! This morning on my walk back home, I was walking along the path that runs through the park and I saw my neighbors dog, Trouble. I call him over because I wasn't sure if they knew he was running around loose and I didn't see anyone out looking for him. So, I call him and he saunters over and I pet him. I have him follow me along the path a few feet and we both stop because we both noticed that there was some sort of rodent laying in the grass. I thought it was dead, but Trouble (this being a very fitting name for the mutt) sticks his nose in the rodents face and that rat/gopher/i dont know what the heck it was just lunges at this dog with two huge front and bottom teeth! The rat wouldn't run away and kept lunging and baring its teeth at me and the dog. I kept telling the dog to come and I wanted to grab his color, but that stupid rat lunged at me! So there I was, in the middle of a field yelling "oh sh*t, oh sh*t!"
Trouble gets a good shot at the rat finally and takes the thing by the neck and whips it back in forth in his mouth! It was crazy and pretty disgusting because the body got torn and flew one way and the head and gizzards was in the dogs mouth! I follow the dog home and this nasty bloody gizzard stuff is hanging from his mouth. My other neighbor shows up and she has her little puppy with her, I'm trying to tell her not to touch the dog becuase he has gizzards hanging out of his mouth, when her pup ran up to trouble to see what he had. Trouble runs home to his front door and wolfs down what he had in his mouth so that the other dog wouldn't get it.
So, ya. Pretty nasty!
My neighbor, Heather, came to the door because she heard our comotion and opened the door and the dog ran in! I was like, "don't let him lick your kids!" haha!
She has toddlers.
Well, I've squandered enough time again. Lol! I have to take an exam! Wish me luck!!

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Diana said...

Wow, great pictures. I just hope you're gonna scrap them...