Friday, August 07, 2009

That's Better!

I've been working my butt off for the last two days trying to get my craft room in order and decluttered! I started school the room wasn't condusive to learning! Before, you could not see the top of my desk. It had the house computer, which we weren't using and my laptop on it plus tons of other crap that needed to be put away.

I finally finished after two long days of organizing. Basically, everything went into the closet. But in a neat and orderly fashion.

This was taken when I first set up the room when we moved here in April. I didn't take a "before the overhaul" photo, but just imagine loads of junk on that desk with no space to set anything! Lol!

This is what it looks like now! I like the way it came out! I removed the house computer since its now become obsolete, but now I'm thinking that it wasn't that smart because it did have itunes on it.

I love hanging stuff on the walls! I just hope it doesn't topple over! Lol!

I moved the filing cabinet that I used to keep under this desk and put it in the closet. My mutts thanked me. :)
The other part of the room is the scrapbooking area. Its kind of funny that without thinking, the shelving on that side of the room is white and my study area shelving is black! It helps divide the room up, but still feels cohesive and the collaged hangings on the wall in front of my desk help balance out the room with the shelving at my scrapbook desk. Which is probably why the room feels better. I also took out a tall shelf that was over in the corner of the scrappy side of the room! It just felt too cramped, uneven and heavy.
Anyway, if your interested, here's more of what the room looked like before, here!
Moving on!
Yesterday evening, my sweet neighbor, Heather (Left, tall blonde!) had a going away party at her house. Their house is connected to ours, by the way.
Her and her family are moving back to Virginia. Her husband, Matt, is a civilian contractor and was sent out here to work for six months out at Ditto (testing area). Its really sad to see them go! Heather and I played on the softball team, but we really never were out on the field together come to think of it!
There's a 50/50 chance that they may be coming back.....hopefully! I hope they don't have to leave! If they do leave and come back they probably won't get to be our neighbors again!
Also, pictured is my friend, Sam. I love this chick! She has fast become one of my closet friends and someone I look to as a source of inspiration!
The weather was horrible yesterday! I woke up at five am to my alarm and rolled over and was blinded by lightning! Lol! There wasn't any rain to accompany it, not here anyways.
Life went on as usual and Chris took off on his motorcycle to Elko, NV to renew his license. Sure enough, after he left the wind started picking up and it got pretty bad! The lightning started a small brush fire in Skull Valley. Chris said that on his way through there in the morning, he saw fire trucks sitting on the side of the road. They were letting the fire burn and I guess hoping it would burn itself out. By the late afternoon, it was huge!!!
I didn't know anything of it til Chris called around 4:30 from a rest stop on I-80. Poor guy, drove through stong winds on the salt flats and the trip was made extra long because a part of I-80 was closed due to a high speed chase in which somebody was shot and killed. Then the Skull Valley exit was closed due to a wild fire. Chris had to drive clear up to Tooele and back down again to Dugway! He was beat!
I took these while at my neighbors party. The smoke cloud was huge, but as soon as I stepped outside the wind picked up and blew all the smoke towards Dugway. It smelled like one big campfire outside!!!

Well, thats all I got for this evening. I gotta do some catch up on school work!

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Sasha said...

I am diggin the makeover girl .. and nice roomy space too .. funny how friends come in isnt it..

Hope you have a great weekend girlie.

Diana said...

Wow, great work on your room. I liked it when you showed the first pictures but now it's even better.
I hope your friend will come back...
Greetings from Germany

Sandy and Randy said...

Excellent! I bet the dogs LOVE the new set up, lots of room underneath to be next to you. Maybe this will make your typing module go faster! LOL Be glad you haven't been online and taking tests! It's been one big drama for 3 days! I have finished and taken all the tests on the same module 4 times now only to have the results disappear! Ugh. Think it's all fixed now but have to go and take them again. Frustrating. Not much going on here. We are talking about catching a Blowfish game, that was so fun last year! Miss ya!

Vee said...

Hi Rachel!
the class prompts will emailed to your directly for the duration of the class so you can start or finish whenever you like! :) hope that answers your question! love your scrap space :)

ivyPINK said...

AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your wall!!
and your little doggie is WAY too cute :) your prob more inspired now!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

love your new study/scrap space.. it looks awesome! *hugs*