Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creepy Crawly!

Last night, Chris was walking down the stairs and luckily flipped on the light switch before he stepped off the last step onto this sucker!!!

It's creepy because, I was just downstairs a few minutes earlier talking on the phone, walking around barefoot, and had walked across the hallway in front of the stairs to the bathroom where it was found a few minutes later!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww! I had the creepy crawlies all night long! I threw the bed sheets off like a crazy person when I felt a small prick on my leg last night! Chris thought that was pretty funny! Me, not so much! Just makes me wonder how many more are here in the house that we haven't seen! Gross!
Chris says that their sting is no worse than a bee's sting, but I don't like bees either so I really don't care if they're poisonous or not! They're ugly and creepy and got me watching every dang step I take!!!!
Chris caught him in a glass and put him on the table last night. We were thinking that he would freeze because its been pretty chilly at night, but he was alive and pretty pissed this morning.
I want to let him go because I feel kind of bad, but I want to let him go a hundred miles from here! Lol! I don't want to just toss him out and have him crawl back here!!
On another note:
Today is Chris' birthday!

I didn't say happy birthday to him, which is probably the last thing he cares about right now. He could barely move this morning! He has a herniated disc in his back that has just gotten so bad in the last couple of days and this morning he didn't make it to PT and every move he made took his breath away! I hate watching him like this! Hopefully, today he will get an appointment to get a cortisone shot or something! I know its not a permanent fix, but he at least needs something to take the edge off so he can at least function while we try to find something! I was looking up Non Surgical Spinal Decompression, but he said that we should get a back inversion machine because its basically the same thing as NSSD.
So much for a happy birthday for my Love.

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Sandy and Randy said...

So gross!! Happy birthday Chris!! Randy's back has been real bad lately too. Do you have a chiropractor on post? Randy goes once a week and it does help, he's got a similar issue. We are also doing exercises to build up the core muscles, that helps a lot too. Hope he feels better and watch your toes!! Are you getting chickens soon?? LOL

Diana said...

Ooh, that is indeed creepy. I wouldn't have slept in that house.

Happy birthday to Chris.

Greetings from Germany

Diana said...

Hi there,
the weather is pretty gross. Rainstorms, sunshine, rain. Cool, very hot, warm, very cold. We have everything this summer but no continuous weather. Be glad you are not here.

Jabara Krew said...

I soooooo did not need to see that! Now I'm freaking out that they're in my house. Is the back of your house pretty close to the field/desert? I'm hoping all the grass on the playground will keep them away from us! Yuck!