Thursday, July 09, 2009


  • I helped a complete stranger (an older gentleman) find some stuff he needed at WalMart. He said I was the kindest, most nicest person he ever met and shook my hand and kissed the top of it to thank me. It was so nice.
  • I had a great rest of the day afterwards......I think it was karma ;)
  • I bought a two piece swimsuit that I feel comfortable wearing! Amazing! Lol!
  • All the clothes I tried on fit! (I was in shock! But like I said...KARMA!) So they came home with me!
  • I earned my friend $200 on a day that she was bummed out and made her day a little better! (HOPE YOU'RE FEELING BETTER TODAY!)
  • I cleaned all the carpeting in my house and it looks GREAT!!!
  • I decided I'm going back to school...well school's coming to me...via my internet connection! Lol!

Yesterday, Chris:

  • Went to a funeral for a WW2 Vet/POW in Rush Valley. This American Hero was not recieving Military Funeral Honors even though he sacrificed so much for this country. His family called up the soldiers here on Dugway as a last resort and asked them if they would attend to at least render this man some honor. I don't know what the reason was behind this man not getting the proper military funeral, but I'm proud of my husband stepping up and volunteering a second after he heard the words Vet and POW. Chris' soldiers just felt bad that it was at a moments notice and they were in ACU's. It just goes to show that we do take care of our own in times such as these. The US Military is one big family and I'm proud of all of them.

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1 comment:

IvyPINK said...

Awe glad you had an awesome day!!!!
Karma is awesome when it's good stuff
& seriously I need a good lookin 2 piece

btw also lovin your new pic on the side bar ;)