Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm just playing around a photo program I downloaded off the internet called, Picasa. Its pretty neat and I like that you can make collages out of your photos in no time! I haven't learned how to do it in CS3 yet. I worked on these photos today. Pretty simple to edit, I already knew how I wanted to edit these. The original photos were totally blue since they were taken in a blue tunnel slide. I converted them to b&w, lightened them up, and applied a lens blur yet again! Its my favorite way to draw attention to the subjects! Plus it just looks neat!

I hope Cody and Arica like these, as well as all of you who have been stopping by my blog and leaving me comments! I really really appreciate them and you! Thank you!

After thought: I really don't like how small the collage came out and my photos really aren't as blurry as they look on here! Promise! Lol! I'll look into it for next time!

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Diana said...

Wow, this collage ist just great. I am pretty sure your bro in law will like it.
Greetings from a sunny Black Forest

Sandy and Randy said...

Those are great! I am sure they will love and appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this! I think these three would be so cute in a nice frame with 3 picture slots in it. Something they could display. Just a thought. BTW, any chance of a trip back to take our holiday pic? hee hee

~~JAZ~~ said...

These are great Raquel!! I clicked on the pic so I can see the actual size. So how r you liking Picasa altogether?? I friend of mine suggested them to me as well but I really haven't looked into it. Great job!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

looks awesome to me!!