Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Mr. Man!

Today, I got to watch the cutest one-year-old shove cake in his face and make a huge mess! It was adorable! I love this photo even though its a little blurry! He thought it was pretty funny that he was so dirty when his mommy went to grab him from the high chair! He was laughing and trying to touch her face! SO cute!

This is the birthday card I made him. I wanted a card that his mom could use in his scrapbook. I wrote a little something on the back.

This is me and Mr. Man's momma, Sam. She is an amazing mother and friend! I'm so thankful for her friendship.

Some more smurfy-cuteness!

After the party I came home and worked on some more photos. Editing is fun, but very time consuming. My finger is sore, I want to look into getting one of those pads that come with the pen to do this stuff. But there are other more important things we need to take care of before I splurge on that! Lol! Another reason why its taking me so long is because I have to look up how to do some of these things and I still don't know how everything works, but the more I play the more I learn. The only thing that hangs in the back of my mind while I do this is that I am not getting any homework done! Lol!

This was my favorite photo from the few I worked on tonight! She has amazing eyes, I just can't get over them! I did the lens blur technique I learned the other day. I really wanted to show case her ring and her gorgeous eyes! I absolutely love the results!

I made these the other day for our FRG ladies night that we are having here in my backyard. I've always wanted to do a little get-together just so I could make invitations! Lol! I'm a dork like that! These were pretty easy though. I typed them up in photoshop and printed them out onto white-textured cardstock and backed them with Amy Butler "Sola" patterned paper.

Well, I best be getting off, if I go to bed too late I won't be up til noon and I'll feel like crap to boot! Lol!

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~~JAZ~~ said...

What an adorable little boy!! That edited pic is gorgeous girl! Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more!

Sandy and Randy said...

Girl the talent just oozes out of you! LOL Love the pics and the invites are so special because they are homemade. Don't worry about school work. We all deserve a break now and then! Randy made me take the weekend off from school, I have been having trouble getting to sleep at night because terms and definitions won't leave my head! LOL He told me I'm working too hard. So I may slack off a little more each day from it. I think obsessed with getting done would be the correct term! We miss you guys!

Ivy said...

luv your pics!!! that little guy is too cute for words :) such scrapable pics! heehee