Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sass is Sunshine...

....on a dark, rainy and windy day!

They were having a huge clearance sale at their office location in Salt Lake City! They had some killer deals that not even a tornado could keep me from! The wind was howling when I woke up this morning and it was dark....well, it was 5am, but when the sun came up the sky was dark and heavy! I didn't let that deter me! I was on a mission to grab up as much Sassafrass cuteness as I could get my hands on!

If I wasn't such a kind and honest person, this poster would have been hanging in my scrapbook room tonight! Lol! I want one so bad. I love Sassafrass. Their supplies are so fun and colorful and its like.....Sunshine Lollipops. :)

So you wanna know how much I spent???

I spent a whopping.....$63.00! Yep! Thats about $100 less than what I would have paid in stores for as much loot as I got! Those chipboard stickers were a buck a piece......those buttons were $.25 a pack, those beautiful brads were $4 (only because they are still pretty new!)
The newish pattern paper was $.50 a piece if you bought ten sheets. So I did. Paid $5. Older paper was $.40 if you bought ten. I bought 20 sheets for $8.

Their adorable clear stamps were only THREE DOLLARS a pack!!!!!!
Paper whimsies were $2 a pack, sticker sheets were a buck, as well as their rubons!

Soooo....seriously...I wanted to grab one of every stamp set they had for purchase, but I have to admit that I would have only used them to look at and admire! lol! I did grab three packs....2 for me and a pack for my good friend, Sandy.
I'm so glad I braved the weather, it was pretty ugly out there, but by the time I got out of the office the weather was nicer and it turned out to be a beautiful day!!!

BTW....Pics were taken with my phone....I was too lazy to upload the ones from my camera.

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ivyPINK said...

YOU LUCKY DUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a deal :)
I love those sassafrass buttons!!!!

Jabara Krew said...

I love all your loot! Next time, I def want to come with you!!!

Sandy and Randy said...

Wow, what a load of stuff! Sooooooo glad I'm ur friend! LOL I can't wait to see what projects come out of this little shopping trip. Gonna be cool!

Diana said...

Wow, this stuff looks great. Why can't they have sales like that over here, too?
It looks all great and I can't wait to see what you made out of it...

Anonymous said...

HI Raquel! I went to that fabulous sale too! I wanted everything!! My sister and I are at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market in Pioneer Park on Saturdays if you ever want to stop by and say HI! I hope you are having fun in Utah! Hugs! Amy :)