Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heart Thiefs 1&2

I haven't known Angel (1 yr, left) or Mikey (3 yrs in Nov, right) that long and I just met Angel for the first time when I went home to Tucson, AZ this past week, but I love them nonetheless and they stole my heart! Its amazing and exciting to see that my family is still growing! I can see my cousin Charlie in his little boy, Angel and so much of my cousin Monique comes out in her son, Mikey. These boys are the first great grandchildren to my Nana and Tata. Its hard living so far away from my extended family, especially because we were so close as kids and now that they are having families of their own its harder to keep in touch because our lives are so different!
Even though I'm scared and feel so unprepared for having kids of my own someday I do hope that one day there will be more of these little ones running around out at the Ranch where we all grew up.

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