Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can't Wait!!

I signed up for this Indie Business class on Elsie Flannigan's blog! The class starts in March and I'm pretty excited! Its a chance to seek advice from other people who have been successful in following their dreams and making them come true...

Most of the time I feel so isolated because there isn't anybody that I can talk to about what I like to do...where I live is very remote and people stick to themselves like everyone else has the plague! I'm very grateful that I have my phone and internet...I am still able to connect with my friends that live in different states and they keep me sane, but I still crave that social interaction with like minded people. Thats why I'm SO thankful there are people who keep interesting blogs!

My heart has always been in my crafting and photography hobbies! I still have a photgraphy business card I made up in grade school! Lol! I find it really hard to sit and read thru a medical text book all day, but give me a book about photohop techniques and I'll sit and read and play around in CS3 all day long. When I got my new camera I researched and read and took pictures all day long! I haven't been taking as many pictures as of late because I am stuck in this place where I feel guilty for following something that isn't making me any money when I should be going to school and getting a degree in something that doesn't interest me, but will make money.

I just want to go after something that will make me happy. This class is kind of my first step. I know it doesn't set anything in stone, but it'll be fun to see how the three girls that are teaching the class accomplished their goals.


My friend Diana awarded me this sweet blog award!! Thank you! I'm supposed to tell you 7 things you may not know about me!

1. I enjoy running! I'm not that good and I definitely don't have the body shape of a runner, but I keep getting better and better! I'm almost to the point where a mile run is a breeze!!

2. I LOVE Bollywood movies!!! I have a growing collection of movies...I love all the singing and the dancing and the gorgeous colors!!

3. I am genetically predisposed to collect junk! I love junk! My grandparents loved junk...kept a whole basement full of junk treasures that I loved to rummage thru whenever I visited!

4. I remember people by what type of dog they example of this would be...

Chris: Do you remember Sgt such and such from unit blah blah blah back in germany?....Me: umm...oh ya she's the one with that really cute pekinese poodle chihuahua mix?

5. I have a growing collection of beanie babies with really huge eyes....because they remind me of my dog, Reyna...

6. I love road trips with just me and my two dogs!

7. I lived in Germany for three years! That was AWESOME!!!

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