Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dugway Days

Today marks the beginning of the next crazy couple of weeks! Tonight is Dugway Days, which is the posts way of celebrating the fourth of July. We do it earlier because most people leave for the actual fourth of july. This is my first time attending one. I hope its fun. The FRG (Family Readiness Group for Military families) is trying to make a little money so that we can start doing some fun stuff. We don't have any funding at all. Its a long story, but basically we are the redheaded step children of the Army out here. There's not very many military personnel out here, so Ft.Carson doesn't really feel the need to send the funds that they recieve specifically for us over here. Oh, I guess I should mention that the clinic my hubby works at is a satellite clinic attached to Ft.Carson in CO.

Its up to the few wives who do attend the meetings which, is like 5 of us to try to get the ball rolling. We are going to be selling fake tattoos and those glowy necklaces. We have so much competition out here, with the churches, civilian groups, and the community club that its really going to be hard raising money. We were told that MWR had a problem with us selling baked goods because there was already so many people selling food. The sentiment towards the military families here isn't all that great to begin with and being that there are so many civies out here, they are used to pretty much running the place. I get it, they stay here longer than we do. They live and work out here, some have been living out here for generations so it is their home. But its ours too. MWR and all that stuff is for the soldiers. My husband was all excited because there is a rock shop on post, a woodworking shop and other fun things like that, that are really meant for the soldiers, but he was told that it was pretty hard for any of them to get in there because civillians kept the keys and some keep there private stock of wood and tools in there so they pretty much keep it closed to military. Thats not fair.

I really didn't mean to turn this post into a bitch fest, but I did, didn't I? Haha! Sorry, but we are the least paid people here! Most are scientist making 6digit incomes and I know their expertise is valuable and they all went to college, but then why are soldiers stationed here in the first place?

Okay, so seriously, we are working on things and we have a great guy who is retired military working with the FRG to try to change things. Its slow and go, but these things take time. We aren't trying to take over, but we are trying to at least open up places that are meant for military families in the first place.

But, back to the crazy next few weeks....

Thursday we are driving into vegas to visit my parents and drop off my dogs. We are doing another bike trip! This time we are going up the west coast into Canada. Last year it was the East Coast! That was an amazing trip and I am sure this one will be even better!!! I hear the Oregon coast is amazing! Can't wait!! Here's a few pictures from last years trip and you can also go here for a few more photos!

I'm sure I'll be back on in a few days and every now and then throughout the trip! Talk at ya later!

( looking over this post...ya...I did make a long story long!) Sorry! ;)

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Sandy and Randy said...

Have a fun time on your trip, send me a pic now and then! You'll love it that way, when I was still at home we did several trips up north from Sacramento, fun stuff!

Sasha said...

Not a bitch fest at all .. KEEP IT REAL .. I hate that shit too .. and you are doing the right thing by just doing SOMETHING .. lol .. have fun girl .. and can't wait to read up on it ..

.. I have a function to attend to tomorrow and then the typical celebration that the AFRC has on base .. but this year .. the boys and I might celebrate at Ft. Bliss only 1.45hr drive .. but I think it might be worth it .. I like the stuff that Holloman is going to do for us .. but I think I will have more fun at Bliss ..

Happy 4th babygirl ..


~Sasha Farina~ said...

I hope you'll manage to raise loads and loads of fund!! your photos are fabulous, Girl!

sarah said...

beautiful photos!

happy fourth to you!