Monday, July 06, 2009


This weekend was lovely! Full of family and good food! Lol! We just got home a few hours ago from Vegas and the weather is a "wee" bit cooler than it was down there. Thursday evening, we stopped in Logandale where Chris' parents live and it was humid!! Ugh! Haha! I'm so spoiled up here in the mountains!

My parents live in a two bedroom apartment in Vegas now that we are all moved out so it was a tight squeeze when my Grandparents, my brother and his girlfriend came down from AZ. It was so nice though! Its hard to get all of us in the same place at the same time so I know my mom and dad enjoyed having a full house! I did too! Its been a few months since I've seen my grandparents.

Yesterday, my brother's girlfriend Heli did two new tattoos on my wrists! They are small and way cute! My brother reshaded the one Heli did a few months ago. He's learning how to do tattoos and he did a pretty good job with the shading. Heli was watching over him so I was as comfortable as someone can be when they are getting needles stuck into they're back! Haha! It hurt....but obviously not that much to deter me from getting two more! Lol! The pink ink Heli used was so pretty and I couldn't let the rest sitting in the little cap go to waste so I decided to get the two paws I've been for each of my little dogs whom I love so much! I miss those little terd muffins already! They stayed in Vegas with my parents. They're gonna watch them for us while we go on vacation! I know they are being spoiled as we speak!

I'll snap a picture of them later!

We have a softball game tonight should be fun, but its hot outside! Its in the 90's and although its cooler than in vegas I really don't feel like running around in it! Haha! But I have to make up for all that deliciousness I ate at home! Holy cow! We eat so good when we go home! Its amazing! Lol!

I have a lot to do this week!

The running list looks like this!

  • clean
  • clean
  • clean


  • clean some more!


I borrowed my mother in laws carpet cleaner. Chris said the house smells like dog. Ya....pretty gross. Its a combination of my dogs and that big slobbering dog we took care of. Lol! Although, there were no accidents done in the house its in dire need of a good cleaning! It'll be nice coming home from a long road trip to a nice clean house!

Alrighty, I'm gonna jump off and get ready for the game! Wish us luck, we usually need it! Ha!

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Sandy and Randy said...

Funny, your "to do" list and mine seem to be the same!! LOL Glad you had a fun time. Got the "ok" on the paperwork I already sent in for my new career path. I am just waiting for them to send me the grant forms to fill out. I am so excited! My mom goes in for her biopsy on Friday. We should know something next week. We will see. Randy's got a game tonight.......if it doesn't rain!! Miss ya!