Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching Up!

Today has been a lovely day so far! I spent my morning doing some homework that has been put off for weeks and I feel a little better about that! I spent some time working on this layout yesterday and it took me forever to finish because I was distracted by the fact that I should have been doing homework and not this layout! Lol!

So, this morning I finished up a good chunk of homework and I'll hit the books again til Chris comes home in a few hours! I also went on two walks today and caught up with friends. I can't begin to describe how lovely the weather is! Mmmm....I love this season! I think I'm gonna light up my pumpkin pie scented candles this evening...mmmmm!

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Sandy and Randy said...

LOL I am SO glad to see I am not the only slacker on homework! So much is going on and it's only going to be more busy when my parents get here! Househunting and reasearching etc is taking a lot of school time. OH well, not going to stress about it. Just let me know when you run out of notes and I will forward along what I have. I'm expecting you to surpass me anytime! LOL

Gourmet Candles Distributor said...

Awesome layout. I am too lighting my pumpkin cheesecake candles this evening.