Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Still Around

I just thought I'd stop by and check in! Lol! I've been busy making cute stuff for my shop and coming up with ideas for it. Its been a lot of fun! I also started drawing again. Its more like doodling really, but fun and relaxing nonetheless. I found my old box of colored pencils from when I was a kid and boy does that take me back! Lol! The box is filled to the brim with pencils so the sound of them shuffling against eachother while I search for the perfect color is what makes me feel all nostalgic! Haha!

The picture was taken with my phone so its not the best and its unfinished, but I thought I would post it anyways.

I also brought home a box full of all my little toys that I played with as a kid! They are so cute! Most of them are from the dollar store and some are The Littlest PetShops toys back when they were smaller. The ones out on the market today are big and have big heads. Still cute, but I like the ones that I have better! haha! As a kid, my brother and I spent a lot of time with my grandparents during the summer because both of my parents worked full time. As a treat, my grandparents would take my brother and me and my two cousins to the dollar store and to lunch. My cousin Monique and I would usually pick something similar so that we could play with it together. I kept all of my little toys like these for obvious reasons! They are so cute!!!

I have a few sets of these mini toys. One set is called Teddy's Wonderland and has cute little bears the size of....well they're really tiny!! The other set is Meow Meow's Wonderland! Lol!

The last photo I used the technique for shooting in Macro with a 50mm lens by flipping it around.

Its been somewhat stressful around here lately. There's just some stuff going on here that really should have stayed one soldier's family business, but instead they blew it all out of porportion and made it a lot of people's problem. Never have I experienced something like this. In the real world this would have never have affected anybody's home life or work life other than the person going through it. But in the military, where you work is home. Its ridiculous. For as much as I have grown to love this place....the place...not the people.....I've been finding myself making frequent trips to town just to get out of here for awhile. Last weekend the first half of the problem came home and caused quite an uproar. My hubby has to pick up the other half of the problem from the airport tonight. I hope it'll be a quiet weekend....fingers crossed.

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Sandy and Randy said...

Ahhh yes, gotta love military drama! Some people just can't keep thier problems to themselves and have to suck everyone into it! These are the people that need to grow up and start acting like adults instead of children. Sometimes military is a lot like high school but you have to take the good with the bad right? Glad to hear you are being so creative! We went to Georgia yesterday to see a back surgeon. Randy is lucky, he is on the fence for surgery and they don't know if it will help or hinder. If they did it though it would end his career. He has decided to wait and see basically. Oh and I found a really nice, sturdy craft table at the second hand store for $20! Can't wait to use it in the new house. Getting close..........

Jabara Krew said...

You're so cute! I love that you took pictures of your old toys.

Did the other half of the problem pass his selections? :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

just dropping by to send you some *hugs* sweetheart... hang in there