Wednesday, October 07, 2009

****Just to let you know.....I deleted the photography blog because I kept posting to it unintentionally! Lol! Doesn't make much sense to have two of them when I'm only posting to one! I was just being stingy! Haha! I'll just post all my stuff here!****

I've been up to a lot of crafting lately! Gotta love it! Lol!

I've been feeling really inspired by this awesome Military Wife and Scrapper for awhile now! Her pages are pretty much "timeless" and she doesn't get caught up in all the "latest" hype! She's in it for the stories she wants to tell and record for her daughters. Me on the other hand, I do tend to get caught up in the newest and cutest scrappy stuff on the market and worry about that more than the content of my pages. I chalk it up to not having any kids yet and not really worrying about the stories til they come along, but I'm trying.

Anywho, here's what I've been up to around these parts.

I love those sassafras buttons so much! They are so cute...just like my baby cousin! Lol! Gosh, this kid makes me all mushy-hearted.

I've been playing around with the idea of opening up my etsy shop again. I was playing around with these tiles and came up with some ideas. The monogrammed "K" and "B" pieces are for my friends two little girls. The bottom piece was just for fun.

Here's another page I did. Just wanted to play around with my SC kits and my stash of fortune cookie fortunes to make a page. I like it.

These next two photos are just some ideas I've been playing around with for the shop. I had an etsy shop last year for a few months. It did surprisingly well for the small amount of time it was open! I closed it for the time being due to us PCSing across the country, but we should be pretty stable for another year or two....fingers crossed! With winter coming, I thought it would be a fun little venture to keep me busy through the long winter months!

More photos will come soon if I decide to move forward with the reopening of my shop!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Raquel! Your scrapbook pages are amazing! Such wonderful photos! We are done with the market for the year, it is still open but I have things going on so we are finished. I am thinking of having some crafty nights this winter I always have friends who want to come craft so I am thinking of doing one a month while it is cold and maybe some gifty things or handmade gifts we can make for friends. Here is my email if you ever want to come out! I would love to take you on tours of antiques stores or thrift shops if you ever want to meet in Salt Lake. I am literally over the hill from you but on the south end past Salt Lake. Those kooky mountains! I am happy you are liking Utah! Talks soon! Amy :)

Diana said...

Wow, you have been really busy. This stuff looks great. I really love your layouts.
Can't wait to see more.
Greetings from Germany

~Sasha Farina~ said...

do it... reopen the shop :) love love your latest layouts.. they're so fresh!

Sandy and Randy said...

Ummmmmmmm, so why the question on opening back up the shop? Just do it! You were pretty successful before and you will be again. What have you got to lose girl? NOTHING! LOL You can incorporate your photography stuff in there too. I see good things in your future!

KateB said...

love love love your work! Love the way it flows on the eyes and the way you use your embellishments! Am off to lurk & leave love on older posts!


Sasha Holloway said...

WOW .. please let me know about that Etsy I am all over it .. and you know Ima need to stuff .. so I will hit yours up and add you too cuz you gotta get some business.. LOVE the SASS you need to submit them to and so it can get featured .. real talk ..

love it .. and do not be surprised if you get hits out the blue .. well cuz umm I linked you in my latest post LOL

Annette said...

hi Raquel,
I found your blog visiting Diana's blog and I noticed that you live in UT.I lived there for 3 years and remember the beautiful Indian Sumers !
Please stop by my blog :
Black Forest - Germany